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Shanghai Pascstar International Co. Ltd attended the Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition in June, 2008 with ATTC’s products.
In June, 2008, the Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition was closed successfully. Pascstar participated in the exhibition with the famous accessories in the industry which is produced by ATTC in U.S. was caught wide attention. Thank customers for the support and trust to our company.


Mr. Yu Haofeng-the GM of Pascstar and Esther-the Marketing Manager visited U.S..

   In Dec. 2007, Mr. Yu Haofeng-the GM of Pascstar and Esther-the Marketing Manager were invited by ATTC to visit U.S. and discussed with Mr. Jack Walters-the President of ATTC, Tracey-the Manger of International Sales Dept. and each department manager, experts about the details on how to cooperate and development the market in China for both sides. With the accompanying of Mr. Charles Walters-the Vice President of ATTC, Mr. Yu and Esther visited the ATTC’s manufactory.
   In this time’s visiting, Mr. Yu talked with Mr. Ortega-the President of ITS. in U.S. who is the cooperative partner on export outside with Pascstar, both sides exchanged the views on the cooperation direction of the export in 2008.
   Mr. Yu also accepted the visiting invitation of Mr. Paul Cramer-the Vice President of CDI in U.S., it pushed the mutual understanding, which was beneficial to the further business associations between two sides in the future.

Pascstar accompanied the customer from South America to inspect the Chinese enterprise on cylinders and accessories produced in Aug. 2006.                                                  
Mr. David Chen-the chairman of the Board of Pascstar and Mr. Yu Haofeng-the GM accompanied the vice president and international purchasing manager from the largest size enterprise on cylinder and accessories in South America to inspect the Chinese cylinder and accessories produced enterprise. The foreigner customer was satisfied with our company’s export products, and at the same time, increased the standard and content on export products so that it built up a good cooperation basic for the future development in South America market. The visit achieved a complete success.


ITS. signed the agreement with Pascstar.
ITS in U.S. signed the cooperation agreement with Pascstar. Pascstar would provide chrom-moly billet-pierced high pressure cylinders which was in accord with Standard ISO 9809-1 to sell to the market in Latin America. These 40L, 47L and 50L cylinder which could work under the pressure of 150Bar, 200Bar and 300Bar would be sent to customers in containers.

Pascstar accompanied the board cooperation partner to inspect and select the cylinder producing manufactory in Oct. 2005.